Why choose natural wooden organic toys for your special ones?

Benefits of Organic Wooden Toys - Trinkets & More

Play is essential for healthy and normal childhood development and as Albert Einstein wisely once said, “Play is the highest form of research”. Play enables children to connect all the elements of their life as they experience it. It is an outlet for the fullness of their creativity, and it is an absolutely critical part of their childhood.

But what about the safety of toys and the impact they have on our child’s health? Have you ever considered what plastic toys are made of? Sadly, our children are exposed to many harmful chemicals simply because of the toys they play with.

Babies are given plastic teethers and toys from a young age to chew on to help soothe and ease their baby’s gums. What most parents don’t realise is that many plastic teethers and toys contain chemicals such as BPA, phthalates and PVC that babies suck on and ingest while chewing on the toy.

These chemicals can be traced directly to the illnesses that our babies and children are now experiencing. These include immune diseases, asthma, allergies, and cancers, higher rates of learning and behavioural difficulties and intellectual impairment. They also include a host of reproductive problems, such as birth defects, congenital malformations, and infertility. So while we often think that we are doing the right thing, it can be unknown to us that we are actually doing more damage.

So what makes a toy chemical free? Firstly, it has to be made from natural materials, not synthetic man made materials. Obviously, there is a preference for natural materials that have been untreated and grown organically such as organic cotton, natural rubber and untreated wood. There are many toy manufacturers that are getting on board and manufacturing environmentally friendly toys so our suggestion is to know your toys brand suppliers that support them.

Then there is the question of paints. We all know about the dangers associated with high levels of lead exposure, so always make sure the paints are water-based which means not only are they safe for children’s toys, they are also environmentally friendly. Or you can simply choose to buy wooden toys that are as natural as possible, without paint and lacquers. 

As parents, we need to demand better and safer products for our children and we need to ask where and how and with what the products are made from. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves so that we can read labels and understand exactly what we are buying and bringing into our home. 

Trinkets & More - Your Kids Wow Store brings you carefully selected and curated organic and wooden toys from around the world to your doorstep right here in India. We are committed to our mission - "No compromise on the quality for price when it comes to our little ones!"

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