Fingers Up Game Unique Board Game | Best Family Game - Trinkets & More
Fingers Up Game Unique Board Game | Best Family Game - Trinkets & More
Fingers Up Game Unique Board Game | Best Family Game - Trinkets & More

Fingers Up Game Unique Board Game | Best Family Game

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Thumbs Up!!!

Finger Up!!! Is a fast-paced matching game where players race to stack different colored rings on their fingers based on the order shown on the challenge card. This is not as easy as you think! The challenge cards will require each player to focus on the order of numbers and match their colors. Different variations of play make this a must have party game that is as fun for little ones as it is for the big ones!!! Simple rules with engaging physical play will have you laughing and stacking rings again and again!

Game Skills

Finger Up isn’t just a fun game, it’s also perfect for improving visual perception, focus, and processing speed. I wouldn’t lead with that, however. Just introduce your kids to the game and emphasize the fun part. With some help, kids younger than six can play too. If you take the speed element out of the game and allow your child to figure out the number and color sequence, you will still have fun while sneaking in a bit of educational play. Fingers Up will help your child work on patterns, counting, and numbers.

But let’s keep our eyes on the prize. The family game night may already be a staple in your house. Games like Fingers Up will keep the whole family entertained, and it's more fun than being fake eaten by a lion.

  • Tired of regular board game and you are a card game lover, this is no doubt good news! Refreshing new board game for kids and adults alike
  • Game Preparation: Every player gets one set of colorful rings, jingle bell is provided on the table, cards are mixed and back up. Jingle bell is set in the middle of the table
  • Game Beginning: Every player gets 5 rings of different colours, rapidly separate rings and put them flat on the table.  Shuffle the cards and make them back on the table.  Any one player open cards, when seeing the pattern on the cards, the player should rapidly think about: is the pattern on the card vertical or horizontal? And rapidly lantern the rings according to the pattern on the cards, and then press the bell
  • Game accessories: 54 cards, 20 colourful rings and 1 jingle bell
  • Game Skills: Encourages Visual Perception, Processing Speed, Focus and Attention and Fine Motor Skills

Dimensions in Cms: L 30 x B 24 x H 7

Age Group:  3 Years +